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How to help

  • 1. Add a note describing the report, with relevant details. For example, if people are arrested ("under"), note how many. Verify as much as you can, especially if it involves shooting. We don't want to spread misinformation or incite panic.
  • 2. Add a location. Add cross streets if possible.
  • 3a. Click the search icon to find possible coordinates for the location. Click on one of the results to set it.
  • 3b. Alternatively, click on the map to set the location.
  • 4. Add a label/icon so we can easily identify the activity.
  • 5. Submit. There may be a short delay before your submission appears on the map.
  • Please limit to information that is useful for people on the ground. We are trying to ensure that people remain safe and unharmed.
  • Please keep the information related to the protests. You may hear 911 chatter, which is not necessarily useful for people on the ground.
  • Try to confirm information before reporting, if possible. Reports of "shots fired" for instance can cause panic and need additional verification.
  • Avoid mentioning identifying information about protestors.
  • Avoid using police jargon/language and framing.
  • Apoya: MedellinStyle.com paci
Point of Interest
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Double-click to enable draw mode
    Events disappear from the map after 24 hours
    Points of interest stay on the map indefinitely